Lionel Messi contract ends

Which team will Lionel Messi end up in?

Legendary Argentine Lionel Messi is anticipated to leave Paris this summer as a free agent at age 36.


The David Beckham MLS team is in a state of flux and might use a few more high-profile players to make the sports component of any potential as alluring as the Miami lifestyle. Sergio Busquets has been strongly associated with the transfer, and head coach Phil Neville has not refuted it. Sergio Busquets may be one of them. He remarked that he wouldn’t refute the rumours that they are interested in Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets or claim that they are unfounded.


They have been associated with Dani Alves, Robert Lewandowski, Willian, Cesc Fabregas, and Luis Suarez since he joined Miami. You can name them all off. Additionally, publications like the Miami Herald have pointed out that Miami’s Nos. 10 and 5, Messi and Busquets’ usual jersey choices, are still available. Coincidentally, the website of the franchise and Ticketmaster both state that single-game tickets for Inter Miami’s games in July, August, and September are “in the works” and encourage visitors to “check back!” Even the MLS commissioner, Don Garber, has praised the league’s capacity to be “flexible” in order to attract Messi to the United States. Despite all of that, neither the Middle East nor the United States are Europe.


On the other hand, Al-Hilal, a Saudi Arabian stint, is becoming as another potential choice for Messi’s future. The Argentine is already a national tourist ambassador, as his recent antics with PSG demonstrated, and the Saudi League now has his former rival Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Al-Nassr. Romano claims that despite the player’s wish to continue competing in the UEFA Champions League, superpower Al-Hilal put forth a pay offer exceeding $438 million annually. While they wait for financial fair play (FFP) clarity before launching an offer, Barca may possibly match that sentimentality.


The rich Middle Eastern payoff option, though, is now firmly on the table and can only grow more alluring as Messi’s PSG deal approaches its final few weeks. Messi, Sergio Busquets, and probably certainly Jordi Alba will all play in Saudi Arabia after that, according to El Chiringuito. Jorge Messi had to publicly refute AFP allegations that a plan to transfer Messi to Saudi Arabia once his contract with PSG expires is almost complete.


Reading between the lines, Messi’s future still appears to be best served by spending another year or so in Europe. However, the rumours about Al-Hilal, Miami, and MLS are intensifying, and they have nearly reached a fever pitch. It makes little to no sense to perhaps only transfer somewhere else for a single campaign when his PSG move needed his second term to gain form if the question is actually where he plays football next season. Barca, Inter Miami, or Al-Hilal could sneak in, but as a European team, the Catalan giants have the advantage.


Given his significance in potentially assisting to achieve a new and improved domestic and international TV agreement, a one- to two-year extension with PSG would have been music to Ligue 1’s ears. However, Mbappe will now be in charge of carrying out that duty.


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