Lionel Messi contract ends

All teams hope to get PSG’s Lionel Messi on their side

Messi was happier than he was in his early years in France up until very recently, despite a challenging adjustment time to life outside Barca and Catalonia. The Rosario native was playing some of his finest football during this later stage of his career in addition to having his family situated. It was not surprising that both PSG and Messi were initially open to a third season together given how year two was going on the pitch. Failure in the Champions League and Coupe de France, however, sparked serious concerns about the French giants’ project and who should be in charge of it.


L’Equipe claims that Galtier postponed himself until the summer thanks to victories for OGC Nice and RC Lens, making a change eventually almost probable. While a completely new journey shouldn’t be ruled out, returning to Barcelona or Argentina might be appealing. However, if he ever returns to his native country as a player, his childhood club Newell’s was set to be his last club, until recent events in Rosario and sights he encountered when trying to dine in Buenos Aires made Argentina unfeasible for family and safety concerns.


That was, of course, a possibility, and it is now overwhelmingly likely. Ultimately, since January, Messi has been free to engage with other teams and may have received an offer that the French giants were unable to reject. However, the Argentine may only have one or two more moves left before turning 36 in a few months, with one of those maybe being a reunion with a former club. His next job could potentially take him outside of Europe, according to Newell’s Old Boys. When he is still making a compelling case for an eighth Ballon d’Or, is Messi ready to quit the UEFA Champions League just yet? He does not believe that this is true at this time.


The fact that he received a FIFA Best award likely contributed to the idea that he still has a lot to offer at the highest level, whereas some suggested destinations do not. Messi is open to a return to Barcelona, but there are requirements that must be addressed, according to Gerardo Romero, who has previously asserted that Messi does not want to stay with PSG. It is hardly surprising that rumours increased in volume before this most recent controversy given the recent shift in PSG’s image. Currently, PSG wants to get rid of Messi and Neymar, a former teammate who is now Kylian Mbappe’s rival.


Inter Miami of Major League Soccer and the former club Barca have both been heavily connected to moves, but both face significant obstacles. Messi was initially compelled to leave Camp Nou due to the Catalan giants’ ongoing financial difficulties. Despite Xavi keeping the door “open” for Messi, Messi’s father Jorge is sceptical about his chances of returning to Barcelona.


When the Poland international expressed his desire to collaborate, current Barca star Robert Lewandowski did nothing to dash Catalonian hopes.


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