Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell bids farewell to Commentary

Ian Chappell is a familiar face in the cricket world.

And those who watch the cricket from a distance on the television screen, trying to catch the English words coming from the television, maybe Chappell’s melodious voice is not unknown to them. Who presents the cricket in an organized manner to the audience.


Former Australian cricketer and legendary commentator Ian Chappell has ruled the commentary room for nearly 45 years. All beginnings must see the end, that is the rule. Chappell is following the same rules. The legend has decided to retire from commentary.


Chappell was also very successful in his playing career. He has scored 5345 runs in the illustrious career of 75 Tests in Aussie’s jersey. Besides, he has 673 runs in his ODI career of 16 matches. Chappell has scored 14 centuries with the bat in Test cricket. The former right-handed batsman has also led Australia in 30 Tests.


After putting off the bat-pad, Chappell took up the microphone in 1977. But Chappell’s departure from cricket and commentary are almost identical. Chappell said,”I remember that day, when it seems, enough cricket has been done. Looked at the clock, saw and thought at that time I had to go.”


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