Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo confirms his career is not over and accepted Australian offers

In response to the thunderous reception he received at his new club in Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo referred to himself as a special player and claimed that his career was not over.


At Al Nassr’s Mrsool Park stadium, the Portuguese superstar, 37, declared that he had accomplished everything he could in Europe and was eager for a fresh challenge. He was met with loud applause and fireworks.


Soon after his contentious separation from Manchester United, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and five-time Champions League champion signed for an estimated 200 million euros through June 2025.


The football superstar told the media that his career is not over since he moved to Saudi Arabia. This is the reason he alters, and to be quite honest, he doesn’t really care what other people think. He said that his work is finished in Europe. He had numerous proposals from Brazil, Australia, the US, Portugal, and Europe. Numerous clubs sought to sign him, but he has promised one particular team.


Danny Townsend, the manager of the A-League, acknowledged in November that he was making every effort to get Ronaldo to Australia.


Ronaldo entered the field wearing the yellow and blue uniform of Al Nassr and saluted the audience as fireworks and floodlights blazed all around him. The 25,000-seat stadium exploded in applause.


Ronaldo’s kids and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, who was dressed in the customary black abaya or full-coverage robe used by the majority of Saudi women, trailed behind them.


Ronaldo added that he is a special player. It’s great to be here since he shattered all the records over there (in Europe), and he hopes to do the same here. He travels here in order to succeed, compete, have fun, and contribute to the success of the nation and its culture.


Only a few weeks after leaving United after criticising the team and coach Erik ten Hag in a TV interview, Ronaldo signs with the nine-time Saudi winners. For the Portuguese forward who led championship-laden seasons with United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, Al Nassr, the nine-time Saudi league champions, represent a considerable decline in calibre.


The rich-in-oil monarchy Saudi Arabia is frequently accused of “sportswashing,” or using sport to deflect attention from human rights concerns. Saudi Arabia has been buying up sports assets as part of a campaign to soften its austere image.


The 38-year-old arrives just after the World Cup in neighboring Qatar. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Greece are considering a joint Asia-Africa-Europe campaign to host football’s premier event.


The presence of the football star, the most well-known player to visit Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, or any country in the Asian confederation, has sparked feverish anticipation. After Ronaldo’s deal was made public, fans lined up down the street to purchase shirts from Al Nassr featuring his distinctive number seven. At the same time, Al Nassr’s Instagram page garnered millions of new followers.


Ronaldo’s acquisition coincides with Saudi Arabia’s push into other sports, like as golf, boxing, tennis, and Formula One, in the wake of the purchase of English Premier League team Newcastle United last year.


Future Asian Games, Asian Winter Games, men’s and women’s football Asian Cups will all be held in Saudi Arabia, which is currently ruled by de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is 37 years old and Ronaldo’s age.


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