Real Madrid win over Chelsea

Legendary Real Madrid player Guti picks the world’s top player

Due to his tenacity, Real Madrid veteran Guti dubbed Vinicius Junior the finest player in the world right now. The Brazilian international, according to Guti, is the worst opponent a defender might encounter.


The 22-year-old has had a standout season and has won over the Santiago Bernabeu faithful. In 45 matches for Real Madrid this season across all competitions, Vinicius has 21 goals and 16 assists.


The best player in the world, Guti commented, is Vinicius. The reason being he is the worst opponent a defence could face since he consistently shows up and keeps attempting. Other celebrities may quit playing and give up, but Vinicius never does. He is constantly there.


Meanwhile, Real Madrid found itself in a predicament.


Predrag Mijatovic, a former Real Madrid player, has spilled some news to the media. According to him, Carlo Ancelotti is upset with Santiago Bernabeu. At the end of the current campaign, the Italian coach may step down as team manager.


This is due to the recent Real Madrid’s poor performances in La Liga. The high-profile team is currently in second place and 13 points behind league leader Barcelona. No doubt, this caused Ancelotti has come under a lot unwanted attention this season. However, they are now doing much better and are in the Champions League quarterfinals.


Just a couple of nights ago, Los Blancos host Chelsea in the opening leg of their Champions League quarterfinal matchup. The match took place at Santiago Bernabeu. The team will take on Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Champions League in order to move to the competition’s final four.


To him, today’s Ancelotti press conference sounded like a brief farewell. Predrag Mijatovic admitted to having that impression on the media.  Everything he has accomplished recently—which is a lot and also extremely important—is being brought up. If he wins the Copa del Rey, he would have accomplished everything in two years, but Mijatovic believes he is still a little upset. He’s angry, but Mijatovic has no idea at whom. Maybe he is aware of something they are not.


On the other hand, great things are also happening in the team. Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, celebrated the win of his team. He has provided an explanation for his team’s 2-0 victory over Chelsea. The win took place in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal on Wednesday.


Ancelotti commented on Real Madrid’s recent victory over Chelsea. According to Ancelotti, the success was a result of his players’ well-rounded performance against Frank Lampard’s team. At the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid defeated Chelsea. The manager praised and thanked two goals from Karim Benzema and from Marco Asensio.


He commented that they played a really well-rounded game, Ancelotti stated at the news conference following the game. They first went through some hardship, but their goal was to advance, and they succeeded in doing so. They are satisfied with the result and the performance. Ancelotti added that the team will have to suffer there. This is because Chelsea has a very good team with very good players. The team has to do well and stay another 90 minutes to fight.


The second leg will now take place at Stamford Bridge with Real Madrid taking on Chelsea.


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