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Enzo Fernandez urges supporters to have faith in Graham Potter in wanting Chelsea to sign Joao Felix on a permanent basis

Joao Felix is wanted by Chelsea on a permanent basis, and Enzo Fernandez has asked the team’s supporters to be patient and have faith in the Graham Potter initiative


Potter, who took over for Champions League-winning manager Thomas Tuchel earlier in the season, has already gained the ire of some Stamford Bridge supporters, who want the former Brighton manager fired.


Only nine of Chelsea’s 25 games have ended in victories under Potter, and the team has dropped to 10th place in the Premier League and lost the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal match against Borussia Dortmund.


Even though American owner Todd Boehly spent about £600 million on new players over the past two transfer windows, the club is still having trouble.


Chelsea signing a record Fernandez acknowledges the team’s poor performance, but has ‘encouraged’ supporters to be patient and support Potter despite his criticism.


When you have that many young players—and they’ve all had 20 days to get to know one another on and off the field—here in the Premier League, it can be difficult to come together as a cohesive unit, he told The Times.


He commented that his advice to the supporters would be to trust the players, the coaching staff, and the management because they are all headed in the same direction. They have a lot of fresh faces here, and the playing staff and club have truly undergone a revamping. He would advise them to exercise patience. They are aware that it is a high bar. But the coaching team and manager here have provided them with all the resources they require. They simply need to be patient and get to know one another, so that’s all there is to it.


When Fernandez signed for Chelsea for £107 million in January, he set a new record for the most expensive signing in Premier League history.


The former Benfica midfielder joined a host of other fresh faces at Stamford Bridge, including loanee forward Felix from Atletico Madrid.


Felix was dismissed on his Premier League debut, but the forward from Portugal has performed well since serving his ban, and Fernandez hopes Felix stays at Chelsea after his loan period is through.


Felix has an option to extend his contract with Atletico until June 2027, but Chelsea is not required to do so. Before transferring to west London, the 23-year-old remained under Atletico’s contract until then.


Felix has fallen out of favor under Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone, but if he continues to perform well and is willing to staying at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea will consider making him a permanent offer.


Regarding Felix, Fernando stated that it helps to have that unique connection on the field when you get along with someone off the field. Fernando added that Felix is really good and a superb athlete. He possesses a tonne of skills and attributes. He is a vital player for us and is on loan, but he is also a critical player. Let’s hope Chelsea can do everything in their power to hold onto him come June; that would be fantastic.


Argentina’s World Cup champion Fernandez has also allayed fears that joining Chelsea could be hindered by his outrageous asking price, saying he wants to be a “leader” at Stamford Bridge.


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